Software giant Microsoft seems unable to solve the quality problem in Windows 10 updates. The KB4592438 update released at the beginning of December caused many problems with computers.

It is now commonplace for Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates to be problematic. The latest batch update released by the software giant also caused serious problems in computers.

Windows 10 users have been complaining of annoying issues like freezing, excessive CPU usage, and blue screen error. All these problems started to emerge on December 8, after the KB4592438 update deployed to systems with October 2020 and May 2020 Updates.

Users state that they have started to have problems during the installation phase of the update and that they cannot perform the installation process. However, this problem is mild compared to others.

Sudden increase in CPU usage and blue screen error
Those who managed to install the update faced serious performance issues. It is stated that there are sudden increases in CPU usage even if there is not too much load on the system. There is almost 100% CPU utilization even with the browser open.

Users say that after uninstalling the update everything is back to normal. The KB4592438 update is also stated to break compatibility with older games, mark folders as read-only, cause Bluetooth issues, and even cause a blue screen error.


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