Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Insider Build 21286 version, which hosts a number of new features.Users enrolled in the Windows Insider program can access improvements before anyone else with the update for the Windows operating system.

Microsoft has added a new version of Windows Insider, where it has tested many innovations. In this direction, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Insider Build 21286 version with a series of innovations.

We are welcomed by a number of innovations with the Build 21286 version currently available to Insider users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. The first of these innovations is the new functionality added to the taskbar.

News and Interests Feature Added to Taskbar
With the new update, Microsoft plans to further enhance the user experience, adding the News and Interests feature to the taskbar. Thanks to this feature, which is added to the left of the system icons on the taskbar, users can access information about the agenda, sports and stock market on a single page.

In addition, it is also stated that when this screen is minimized, only weather information will be shown to users. In this way, users will be able to learn the weather of their region directly from the taskbar without any effort.

In addition, it is pointed out that clicking on any news in the News and Interests feature will open the clicked news via the Microsoft Edge browser. For now, it is unknown whether users can set different browsers as default for this feature, such as Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge.

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Automatically Run Linux Commands
The new Insider version also comes with the ability to automatically run Linux commands. In this section, it is stated that when the Windows Subsytem program for Linux is run, the feature of automatically running Linux commands is offered to users.

Innovations Made in Clock and Storage Settings
With the new version, we see that some arrangements have been made on clock and storage settings. The first of these arrangements appears in the storage settings. After some improvements and improvements, users will now be able to format their storage areas in more detail.

Another change is in the clock settings. With this feature, when users change their computer’s location, the computer’s clock will not be automatically changed according to their location.

Instead, users will be asked if they want to change the time zone of the computer. If users want the time to change automatically, the computer’s clock will be automatically changed according to the location each time the location is changed.


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