With the big Windows 10 update, driver problems that users experience will be prevented.Microsoft will finally bring a solution to third-party driver problems with the major Windows 10 update that it will offer at the end of 2021.

Accordingly, third-party drivers will now be kept in an isolated folder on your hard drive.

As you know, keeping drivers up to date is essential for a well-functioning computer. On the other hand, installing the wrong driver or installing a problematic driver on your computer can be quite annoying with system crashes and poor performance issues.

Currently, all drivers are kept in DriverStore located in the System32 folder. Let’s underline that this is a critical folder not to be confused with and therefore storing third-party drivers can be a problem.

As Windows Latest reports, with the upcoming Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley update, third-party drivers are likely to be moved from System32 to an OEMDRIVERS folder instead, and this change is coming across in early preview releases of Windows 10 21H2.

In this sense, the security of users’ computers will be greatly improved by keeping the drivers away from the critical System32 folder. Additionally, there may be some performance benefits for users who regularly upgrade their drivers, as it prevents the System32 folder from bloating. A more stable system may be possible, as problematic drivers will be isolated from important files.


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