Microsoft is preparing to add a new feature to Windows 10 that will attract many users. The operating system will soon be able to show which applications are accessing the camera.

Privacy of personal data has become one of the biggest problems of today. Based on this, Microsoft is preparing to introduce a new privacy-oriented feature for the Windows 10 operating system. Users will soon have the opportunity to track which apps have access to the camera.

It is stated that the feature tested in the first versions of Windows 10X may later come to the Windows 10 operating system. An icon in the form of a camera will appear in the taskbar. Users will be able to easily see which applications are using the camera by hovering the mouse cursor over this icon.

It will be clear if the camera is secretly turned on
If more than one application can access the camera, their number will be written on the icon. The new feature has been designed with users who are concerned about privacy. It is sure to be beneficial in many ways. Most importantly, it can be seen whether malicious applications secretly open the camera.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the feature is currently being tested on in-house versions of Windows 10X. It is not clear when it will be made available to the general public. It can be included in our lives with the Windows 10 Sun Valley update (Windows 10 21H2) scheduled to be released in the fall.


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