As you may remember, we talked about the usage rate of Windows 7 in the news we made a few days ago, and in January 2020, we mentioned that Microsoft stopped bringing updates to the successful operating system. As Windows 7, which has more than 100 million users today, continues to grow Microsoft’s market share, brand new information has arrived today. Windows 10 update is on its way.



Windows, one of the most successful operating systems in the popular world, has received many updates until today and has provided its users with a simpler and better performance.

Microsoft, which is still working on many updates, came up with a striking detail today. The famous technology giant shared with the public that they will bring a brand new update to Windows 10 and some details that will come with this update.


Windows 10 Update Details

Focusing on Windows 10 updates, the company will completely change the user interface of the operating system, offering a simpler and more pleasant design to its users. The update, which will bring more consistent and modern designs, will provide users with the opportunity to experience some new features in addition to good animations.

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In addition, many new features will be offered to Windows users by the end of 2021. These features, which will come piecemeal, will revive the use of the successful operating system.


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