Having announced the Windows 10X operating system in the past months, Microsoft continues its preparations. After the first announcement of Windows 10, the company has made a lot of progress. Windows 10, which has exceeded the 1 million user threshold in the past months, continues to improve day by day. According to the latest news, Windows 10X also comes for laptops.

Developed especially for dual screen computers, Windows 10X promises a very fast, flexible and fluent usage.

Following dual screen computers, Windows 10X also comes for laptops
Microsoft doesn’t say exactly when single screen devices like laptops will support Windows 10X or when dual screen devices will be released. However, according to reports, Windows 10X will primarily be available for a single screen computer. “We will continue to look for the right moment to bring dual-screen devices to the market, together with our OEM partners,” said the Microsoft front on the subject.

Although Microsoft does not explain, it is probably the Corona virus that caused this situation. Especially in these days when hardware production is in trouble, embarking on a new adventure will require more investment than usual. For this reason, Windows 10X may be available early for laptops. The use of Windows 10 has increased by 75 percent, especially these days when we stay at home because of the virus. At Microsoft, it can take advantage of this opportunity for users to try new operating systems.

Originally planned for dual-screen hardware like Surface Neo, Windows 10X includes a simpler, simpler and more modern Windows interface. While major improvements have been made to the user interface, the multitasking window and the start menu are completely overhauled.


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