Microsoft’s newly developed Windows 10X operating system is just around the corner.Windows 10X is a new operating system targeting entry-level computers that Microsoft has been working on for a long time.

Although there is no official statement about this software, according to the information provided by the sources, there is very little time left for the software to come out.

Windows 10X, which started to be talked about in October 2019, was a software planned to be developed for Surface Duo models, which are Microsoft’s dual-screen computers. In May 2020, Microsoft first announced that it would bring this operating system to single-screen devices and offer it with their own computer models, not only for their own devices, but also from different manufacturers.

According to the latest reports, the development process of Windows 10X was completed in December 2020. It will be subjected to certain tests in January and February of 2021. Microsoft is currently testing Build 20280 based on the Windows 10 Iron “21H1” update. After this testing process, if the software is at a certain quality level, it will be sent to the manufacturers. Then, the period for the manufacturers to complete the necessary technical processes will begin. Microsoft plans to fully release this operating system in the Spring of 2021 (between March and June).

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