Windows 11 News: Microsoft has signaled that it is working on the Windows 11 update, which will offer revolutionary innovations after Windows 10.


Software giant Microsoft came out with the Windows 10 operating system in 2015. Microsoft, which offered free upgrades to those who used old versions for a long time, supported the operating system with updates in this process and added new and large-scale features constantly. However, Windows 10 is now obsolete. After the operating system, which entered its 6th year, the eyes were turned to the Windows 11 version.

Windows 11 will come with innovations

Microsoft will hold an online event on June 24, 2021. Expectations are high for this event. It was thought that Windows 11 would arrive at this event. As these rumors started to increase, a video came from Microsoft today that strengthens the claims. In the video published on YouTube, the opening sounds of Windows 95, XP and 7 are presented with a slowdown of 4,000 percent. Windows Startup Sounds – The fact that this video, called Slo-fi Remix, came after the claims got stronger, is shown as a signal that Windows 11 will definitely come.

With its new update, Microsoft will both completely change the design and offer major innovations. Microsoft, which will experience the explosion of 6 years, is expected to offer this update for free for a long time. We think that this free update, which we expect to be offered to Windows 10 users, will be released before the end of 2021.

Microsoft, which will want to fend off Apple’s attacks with macOS, should now offer a smooth and secure experience to its users. It should be noted that with the release of the new version, the support from the old version will not be withdrawn, and Windows 10 will receive updates for at least 2-3 years. At least, that’s the policy Microsoft has implemented so far. We hope that support will not be withdrawn from Windows 10 just because it is broken.

We think that the software giant will enter ARM-based devices with this update. After the Apple M1 chipset attacks, it is obvious that Microsoft will not remain silent on this issue.


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