Now, when the “Zoom vulnerability” is written in the search part of the search engines, there are hundreds of complaints about Zoom on the screen. A new one has been added to these complaints. The new vulnerability threatens Windows 7 users.

Zoom vulnerability puts danger for Windows 7

Cloud-based software that previously threatened Windows 10 users is now threatening the 11-year-old operating system. Slovenian cyber security firm ACROS Security has detected an unexplored danger in Zoom.

ACROS Security has announced that this error in communication software is a blessing for hackers. Because of this system error, users using Windows 7 and older versions of Windows can be taken over.

It turns out that this vulnerability has been used by malicious users for a long time. Such cases, called the zero-day case, undermine the reputation of a software.

Microsoft is organizing various campaigns so that Windows 7 users can use higher versions of Windows. As it is known, the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 was free.

Microsoft stated that on January 15, 2020, it stopped supporting Windows 7 users. In this context, this and similar dangers are no longer eliminated by the US software company. Zoom wants to eliminate the victimization of Windows 7 users who are victims of this new vulnerability.

A zoom spokesperson for zoom said, “Zoom takes all reports of potential vulnerabilities seriously. We have learned that there is an issue affecting users using Windows 7 and older versions of Windows. We are working on a new patch to solve this problem quickly. ”


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