Microsoft has done an interesting job with the latest update to Windows. Now whenever any browser is searched from the search part of Windows, Edge will appear on the users screen under the name recommended. This feature, which looks like an Edge advertisement, has received a response from many users.

There are many types of browsers that enable us to use the Internet much more effectively. Edge, one of the leading browsers, is of great importance for Microsoft. Windows, which performs applications for the development of Edge at every opportunity, has now added a new feature to the operating system Windows. This feature also seems to have been made for making more use of Edge.

Now, to open a browser on Windows, when you choose the search section from the start menu, you can come across an unexpected browser. When you start typing letters to search for any browser in this search section, Windows brings you Edge in the recommended section. In this way, you are encouraged to use the Edge browser.

If Edge is not installed, the download link is offered to users:

For example, if you type the letters ‘c, h, r’ in the search section, the Chrome browser will appear on the screen, but the Edge browser will also take its place on the screen. Likewise, when you want to search for other browsers like Opera, you will be faced with this application. The interesting thing is that if the Edge browser is not installed on your computer, Edge will still be recommended to you, but this time the launch part of the application will have a download link in place.

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Many argued that Microsoft had a valid reason to implement this feature. While there are people who argue that there is nothing more natural than the recommendation of their browser Edge on their own operating system, Windows, some people have criticized Microsoft very hard for this feature. The main criticism is the reason why other browsers are not recommended to users when Edge is searched.

Another suggestion of the application is that the Suggested feature cannot be turned off from the settings. What is the fate of the feature that cannot be turned off for now is a matter of curiosity. Whether Microsoft will remove the feature, turn off the settings, or make any changes to these criticisms is not yet known.


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