SEOUL, Oct 30 (Yonhap) – South Korean boy band Winner rapper and lyricist Mino said on Friday that his second album is about showing what kind of musician he is.

Song Min-ho of his real name will unveil his new album “Take” tonight, two years after the release of his first solo album “XX” whose flagship song “Fiance” was at the top of the charts in 2018.

“Although I work in several fields, music is my main occupation.Since I’m really serious about music, I tried to be more involved in the album and to be what Song Min-ho is like, ”he said in a press conference. online.

“I tried to write the lyrics eliminating the subtle feelings, or the stuff in between the powerful feeling called love.I made the album so that people could relate to it and be like, ‘Oh, it’s Song Min-ho making music,’ ”he explained.

Mino said he picked 12 love-themed songs out of about 30 songs and arranged them to match well.

It was easy to choose the main title, “Run Away,” because it has a chorus that hooks well and shows its colors at the same time, he added.

Beyond the flagship song, Mino expressed his attachment to the last track on the album, “Lost in a Crowd”.

“It’s a song that sounds like my diary.I journal and write a lot, and the song started from my notes.It’s an authentic song that embodies thoughts about my present, my future, my past, us and my youth.My favorite part is the phrase “Hope you will feel good tomorrow”.It’s something that I want to tell others and also hear from others. ”

Mino, who also made his debut as a painter and exhibited his work at the Saatchi Gallery in London, was pleased with the visual aspects of the music video for his flagship song “Run Away”.

The video clip, part of which was shown at the press conference, resembles an abstract work of art, featuring scenes such as a pair of shoes jutting out and water rising and flooding a subway compartment.

The versatile musician said that music and painting have both become an important part of him which continue to influence his artistic identity.

“I have the impression that art and music share what they lack.I can express musically things that I couldn’t express visually and vice versa.It’s good.It’s like a back and forth, ”he said, adding that he tends to only focus on art or music when working.

“When I paint, I don’t listen to music.Even though I listen to music, it gets disturbing.I immerse myself and I concentrate. ”

Mino said his goal as an artist was clear: to continue to be inspired.

“My ultimate goal is just to explore, get interested, and study things.My goal is to make sure those embers don’t go out and that I continually stock up on firewood and ventilate it to keep it going. ”


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