With Android 12 game mode, it will speed up the speed of mobile players. It turns out that Google has new plans for Android.



Google is counting the days to introduce the APIs of the new game mode for Android 12. The technology giant plans to bring the game mode features used by other Android phone manufacturers to Android 12 natively. Thanks to the Android 12 game mode, games will be optimized and run faster and more stable.

Android will accelerate mobile games with one click with 12 game modes
Until now, many Android phone manufacturers have included the game mode on their phones. However, this game mode could not be used fully because it is not available as an API on Android. But now more efficient performance will be offered as Google will offer them as APIs. This is where the biggest advantage of Google’s open source Android comes in. Google takes the technologies that phone manufacturers have been using for years, compiles them and integrates them into the operating system.

It is said that Google does not show all the features of Android 12. You can think of what was shown at the event in May as just a preview. We will see the main innovations of the update at the Google Pixel 6 event in October. Wanting to start a new era with Android 12, Google will announce all the innovations that the new update will bring in October. It is unknown what these innovations will be for now.

Having been defeated by iOS on the side of Android’s usage rates, Google wants to break this with Android 12. Let’s see if the search engine giant, which makes some optimizations so that updates can be offered to backward devices, can achieve this goal.


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