While brands such as Xiaomi, realme and Samsung continue to release Android 11-based updates for phone models, the Google front is not idle. The Android 12 update, which has been written a lot since its announcement, was launched as beta the other day. As with every update, the new operating system was first offered to Google Pixel owners. While Pixel phone owners are continuing to examine the new operating system, we have decided to inform you of the new details that have emerged.



In fact, we have shared with you in our previous news that the new operating system will appear with a new user interface. However, with the new visuals that emerged today, it showed us that the new interface is quite different from Android 11. It appeared in a very stylish structure with its update design, which includes many improvements as well as various innovations. The user interface that succeeds in the liking of the users will make the phone models almost a gentleman.

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Phones will change completely with Android 12

The beta version offered to users with locked design elements brought a huge lock screen clock for the screen of the phones. Unlike Android 11, with its simple and stylish user interface, the update, which gives the opportunity to reach the items we want faster and more easily, will change the appearance of the phones from top to bottom and make them more compact. In addition, the operating system, which is dazzling with its simplicity, will win the appreciation of the users with the striking details on the lock screen as well as the notification panel. The operating system, which brings a more modern clock view, also offers date and weather widgets to users. These widgets are smaller and located on the right side of the screen. Putting the notification icons under the widgets, Google offers this widget and clock to users with an even more functional animation during screen transitions.


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