Android 12, which is currently being experienced as beta, will allow us to turn off the phone without pressing a button. The power key will be a thing of the past.


Android 12, which was introduced by Google in beta for many phone models in the past weeks, continues to be expected. The operating system, which will bring many innovations and features to us, will be outstanding. In addition to the features it brings, it will offer a visual feast to the users with its own interface. The operating system, which continues to be expected with curiosity in our country, has come to the fore today. The system, which will eliminate the privacy problem on many phones such as Xiaomi and Samsung, will open the way to turn off the phone without pressing the button.

The countdown continues for the operating system expected by millions of users today. The operating system, which is expected to appear towards the end of this year, is currently being tested in beta. Working on a new feature for the new operating system, Google seems to exceed expectations.

Android 12 Will Allow Us To Shut Down The Phone With Voice Command

As you know, the mute key on Android phones is located on the side of the screen. When users want to turn off the phone, they have to hold down this key. Here, Google is now working on a new feature to save its users from this situation. Users no longer have to press the button when they want to turn off the phone, and they will be able to turn off their phones with the voice command. One feature of the operating system, which will bring thousands of different features, will be to turn off the phone with a voice command.


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