Pi is a new crypto asset created based on the Stellar platform. The platform opens to the community during the beta process and allows the sharing of this digital asset, which is produced by simulating mining with the developments it offers, with a meritocracy-based distribution model, although there is normally no mining opportunity on the Stellar platform.



Like most other cryptocurrencies that are mined, there is a halving in Pi. The halving trigger is the number of members. The pioneer + contributor rates of mobile miners are halved each time the number of existing members reaches the new strength of 10 (hundred thousand, one million, ten million…). Thus, it is predicted that Pi will preserve and increase its value as a rare digital asset over time.

Just enter the Pi application once a day.

From the moment we started the excavation, the application gives us Pi every second, in periods of 24 hours. When we complete three 24-hour excavation periods, we have the role of contributor and can establish a safety circle. We can add as many members as we want to the security circle, but we can only benefit from 5 of them. Each member in the circle increases our base excavation speed and therefore our total excavation speed by 20% (up to 100% + with 5 members)

Let’s continue with the purpose of the project without deviating from the main idea of ​​the subject to the application details:

Pi aims to produce the most widely used crypto currency in the world and to create a large-scale economy with this crypto money and product / service exchanges in a digital market between members on the Pi Platform. This economy will also be supported by decentralized apps and home screen paid promotions by members and developers outside of the platform, thanks to smart contract support and app home screen block.

Over time, all these activities will shape the free market economy and a price formation accepted by Pi’s members. Pi will then settle on its main blockchain and be listed on exchanges. Thanks to all this development process, millions of Pi users will have a cryptocurrency (PI) whose price has been agreed upon by the masses, which will prevent exchange users who want to have Pi from purchasing Pi below its value.

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Pi’s success depends on the size of the community

In other words, Pi’s success depends on the collective contributions, use and adoption of the community. It is up to you as a community to generate value with Pi. In order to benefit from Pi, all members should focus on; How they can contribute to the digital market process, Pi ecosystem and economy through real production or consumption.


When does pi “fall” on the stock market?

In order for Pi to be listed on exchanges, it must first switch to its main blockchain (Mainnet). You cannot trade a nonfunctional digital asset against different currencies.

Coins test their transactions internally on a replica blockchain that functions as exactly the same as their own. This is called Testnet. Therefore, Pi must complete this process where it can test all its functions, and it must be proved that the platform works and will work without any error and intervention.

Only then can they switch to Mainnet and only after Mainnet exchanges can decide to list Picoin.

Does this app use my device for mining?
No, he doesn’t!

The mechanism that manages the distribution in the background in the application works as follows:

When each member clicks the lightning icon and initiates an excavation period, the Pi servers receive an “Active” message on behalf of that user, and a “Passive” message when this excavation period is over. During all the times the user appears active, it is processed into Pi balance at the hourly base excavation rate. In addition, for each reference that appeared active during that time, it is processed into Pi balance at 25% of the base excavation speed.

Do I have to keep the app open to earn Pi?

No it is not necessary!

If you press the lightning icon and start your digging period, turn off the application, the internet, and the phone, you will continue to earn Pi.

As we mentioned above, you do not produce Pi, you collect the previously produced part for you in line with your contributions over time.

All you have to do is enter the application once a day and press the green button on the right. Then you will just sit back and watch the Picoins added to your balance.

How can I become a Pi member?

One touch! You can use the links below to become a Pi member. We are sure you will be surprised to see how your Picoin balance will start to increase in a few minutes.

For iOS users: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pi-network/id1445472541

For Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blockchainvault


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