Women Game Jam 2021 News: Find out all the details about the Women Game Jam 2021, an event organized by Women in Gamex for women with creativity


If you are a woman and you have always wanted to show your creativity creating video games, this news interests you. It is an initiative on the part of Women in Gamex.

The latter is a Mexican community that seeks to create safe and inclusive spaces for women in this industry. To continue with such a noble effort is that she is part of the organizers behind Women Game Jam. This is an interactive software creation event.

Women in Gamex is among the organizers

The goal is to create video games in a limited period. It is not necessary to have news created a title before, nor to have great knowledge in the matter. More than anything, what is sought is that the participants have enough creativity to participate in something like that.

The goal is to create a small title with the support of a group of mentors and specialists. However, due to the current situation, it will be done entirely digitally.

Women in Gamex shared that Women Game Jam or WGJ will take place from August 20-22 this year. All participating women have complete freedom to make their ideas come true.

Of course, you must stick to the theme to be handled, which will be revealed a day before. It should be noted that not only Mexican creatives will participate in this event, but also from other parts of the world. They will be from Latin America and beyond.

Women Game Jam 2021 includes talent from various countries

Among the designers involved there will be nations such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Zambia and Australia. They will be grouped more than anything by their language, but in the case of Mexico there will be some extra activities.

Discussions, advice, and support are planned. During the past year, eight countries participated in the organization, and 800 participants from all over the world were exceeded.

Of that number 100 were of Mexican nationality, and 114 games were created. They can be seen at this link along with other previous deiyorones. Currently, registration can be done in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

It is thanks to the support of Women in Gamex and the organizers that a new space is opened for women who want to show their creativity. If you have good ideas that you want to see in a video game, don’t hesitate to participate.


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