The international box office gross of Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to Wonder Woman, one of the most anticipated films of this year, has been announced and much lower than expected.

Wonder Woman’s sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, the most anticipated movie on the DC side of this year and was constantly postponed due to the epidemic, was released in some countries, but Warner Bros. not very happy with the situation.

Wonder Woman 1984 has recently been released in cinemas around the world, but not including America. In the past hours, the box office receipts of the film, excluding America, were announced. Of course, a decrease in the box office was expected due to the epidemic, but there is a larger drop than expected.

Wonder Woman 1984 grossed $ 38.5 million in 32 countries where it was published. 18.8 million dollars of this revenue came from China. Let’s share the revenue of the first movie so that you can compare. Wonder Woman grossed $ 38 million in China at the opening weekend. When we look at 32 countries, we see that it has a revenue of 90.5 million dollars.

Let us remind you that Wonder Woman 1984 will also be aired on HBO Max in America. Therefore, the revenue of the movie will not be calculated exactly. Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in theaters on January 15 in our country.


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