When the 80s era is spoken in the world of film and literature, one of the first dates that come to mind is 1984. This period, during which the Cold War and technological developments are at the peak, is frequently covered in many art branches and the Wonder Woman 2 movie, which will be released in the coming months, also passes in this period. So why is 1984 so important? Let’s take a look at what happened in 1984 and the film’s director, Patty Jenkins.

According to the sequel of DC Comics’ first Wonder Woman movie, which was released in 2017, and the interviews made by the director of the movie, Patty Jenkins, the new Wonder Woman movie, which will not be a sequel to the story, is set in 1984 as we all know. This date selection, which amazes the Wonder Woman fans, is one of the frequently asked questions about the movie, to director Patty Jenkins.

The new movie was called Wonder Woman 1984 and its passing in the 80s is based on several different reasons. Come together, what happened in the world and especially in the USA in 1984 and why 80’s is so important for the director of the movie, Patty Jenkins, let’s take a look at the director’s own explanations.

Patty Jenkins’ comments on 1984:

Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman 1984, answers questions about why she was chosen as 1984 in interviews about the film on various media platforms. Although he doesn’t give much detailed information about why the story of the second movie jumped to 1984 by jumping a few 10 years after the first movie passed during the First World War, Jenkins expresses his 1984 election with the following words:

“As someone who grew up in the 80s, I believe this period has its own atmosphere. I can’t wait to show the 80s, which is a period of both good and bad, to the audience. Wonder Woman is generally very compatible with this period. We were wondering what Diana could do and what evil characters could come out of this era, which was the starting point of the current state of western civilization. ”

What happened in 1984?

As Patty Jenkins pointed out, 1984 was the center of both good events and bad events. Ronald Reagan was elected as the president of the USA again in 1984, especially when the severity of the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union increased. Also in 1984, American researchers discovered the AIDS virus for the first time, and the first Apple Macintosh computer was sold again in 1984.

Especially after the first movie passed during the First World War, a “war” theme continues in the second movie. The producers of the film prefer to continue this war theme from World War II in 1984, when the Cold War and many conspiracy theories peaked. Also, many Wonder Woman fans waiting for the movie think that the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, which takes place in Los Angeles and is famous for the boycott of the Soviet Union, will take place in Wonder Woman 1984.

Why is 1984 important?

Undoubtedly, one of the most striking dates of the 80’s era, which is frequently used in the world of literature and cinema, and many art branches, is undoubtedly 1984. 1984, which gave its name to the book that the legendary British writer George Orwell told about the dystopia after the Second World War, is one of the dates that shape the period we live in today. 1984, where the world started to recover itself after the Second World War and the foundations of the post-war Western civilization were laid until today, is undoubtedly an environment that Wonder Woman will not show up at all.

Focusing on technological developments, nuclear energy, space domination racing and intelligence between the USA and the Soviet Union, the Cold War can leave Wonder Woman in the middle of a world and Cold War atmosphere that we are accustomed to from Captain America.

Possible historical events that will take place in Wonder Woman 1984:

Wonder Woman The first historical event that we expect to take place in 1984 is the boycott of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. Following the boycott of the Summer Olympic Games, which took place in Moscow in 1980, the Soviet Union boycotted the 1984 Summer Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, USA, together with 14 countries in the East Block. The countries that boycotted the Olympic Games this Summer organized another big organization called “Friendship Games” among themselves. We expect this boycott, one of the most famous events of 1984, to take place in Wonder Woman 1984.

Secondly, our evil character Cheetah is expected to be a drug boss working with one of the Cold War governments. In this context, thanks to Cheetah, you can see many details of the governments of the time and the Cold War.

For this reason, it seems that Ronald Reagan will be re-elected as the president of the USA. Because of the increasing Cold War effect, Ronald Reagan put forward the project called Strategic Defense Initiative, which is the biggest military initiative outside the war period and considered as impossible by many people.

Thanks to the science fiction project, the US would be able to destroy possible ballistic missiles to be sent to the USA by the Soviet Union before reaching the USA through satellites to be placed in space. We think that this project, which has a concept that can be seen in superhero films, can also take place in Wonder Woman 1984.

We came to the end of our content, in which we conveyed the importance of 1984 and the events that took place during this period. Wonder Woman 1984, which passed in 1984, the cradle of the Cold War and technological developments, will be released on October 2, 2020. We look forward to this movie, which we will watch Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman again. You can share your opinions and thoughts about Wonder Woman 1984 with us in the comments section.


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