Wooyoung and Yeosang ATEEZ recently discussed about their trainees at the Big Hit Entertainment agency.

It’s no secret that the two ATEEZ personnel are K-Pop idols who had been trainees at the Big Hit Entertainment agency, the agency that houses the boy group BTS.

Through a recent broadcast on V Live, Yeosang and Wooyoung discussed about their first meeting when they were trainees at Big Hit Entertainment agency until they became two very close friends.

So close to them, when Yeosang moved to KQ Entertainment agency, Wooyoung also decided to move to KQ Entertainment agency to follow in the footsteps of his best friend.

Yeosang was then asked about his first impression when meeting Wooyoung and he answered, “He is really full of charm.”

Yeosang continued, “When we do monthly evaluations, we get a score, and there is a score that evaluates charm. Wooyoung ranked first. He is really great, “said the idol.

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