Although it is important for many people to watch the shows in their own language to understand the story more easily, most fans of Korean dramas like to have an approach to the culture of these productions, so they almost always choose to see their k-dramas in the original language.

After several episodes and different stories, you will realize that there are many words that are frequently repeated as part of the daily interaction between people, so you will begin to recognize them when they appear in dialogues.

Here are some of the phrases and words most used in Korean dramas that you have surely heard. Learning the meaning of these terms will help you understand the story more easily and begin to become familiar with the language.


Jo ah hae: I like you

Kasamnida: thanks

Bogoshipeo: I miss you

Chincha: really?

Kwenchana: are you okay?

Chebal: please, I’m begging you

Baegopa: I’m hungry

Ileona: get up

Gaji ma: don’t go

Yeoboseyo: Hello? (when answering a call)

Eoseo oseyo: welcome

Neomu: a lot

Mianhe: sorry

Andue: no, don’t do it

Batji: did you see it?

Jalja: sleep well

Yeppeun: pretty

Senguieota shawl: how handsome you are!


Hyung: older brother (boys use it)

Oppa: older brother, boyfriend (girls wear it)

Noona: older sister (used by boys)

Unnie: older sister (used by other girls)

Sunbae: superior (in the workplace or academic)


Omo: gosh !, OMG

Ya: hey!

Heol: wow!

Wae: Why?

Saranghae: I love you

Annyeonghaseyo / Annyeong: hello


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