The job posting on the official site of Sucker Punch, the developer of the PlayStaiton exclusive game Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most important games of 2020, may herald the sequel.

The sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most important games of this year, developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Sucker Punch Productions.

A job posting has been opened on the official website of the game’s developer Sucker Punch. The advertisement states that a combat designer who experiences the game and understands the basic combat mechanics is being sought. We can think that this posting is for the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima. However, there is no official announcement.

Also, we were looking for a writer to write not only this announcement, but also stories “set in the era of feudal Japan” in October last year.

The arrival of Ghost of Tsuhima’s sequel is actually not that surprising. The game, which attracted attention with its combat mechanics and designs, won the hearts of many players. A few months ago it was announced that it made 5 million sales. You can view the mentioned job post here.


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