It is feared that the coronavirus, which meets millions of people around the world, will spread again when the countries enter the normalization process. The World Health Organization, which continues its activities in this context, has published a guide in the context of COVID-19.

Developments related to the coronavirus pandemic, which swept the whole world, continue at full speed. While the number of infected patients reaches up to 6.1 million, many of the countries continue their normalization efforts.

The World Health Organization, which continues its activities within the United Nations, has published a guide to combat pandemics. While the guide explains how the activities should be high, the guide answers the question of how should we protect ourselves in crowded environments.

World Health Organization published guideline to protect people from coronavirus

In the last few days, countries with fewer infected and deceased patients want to enter the normalization process. Quarantine and curfews, which officially stopped the economy and education, have now become a persecution for citizens. People who spend time in their homes want to go out and continue their daily lives.

With the normalization process and the country removing some prohibitions, it seems that citizens’ demands will be met. As the citizens go out at home for months, crowded environments will occur and activities with many people will increase.

The World Health Organization wanted to take action for this catastrophe and shared a guide with the public to prevent it from happening. In the guide, “Such activities in the context of COVID-19 can accelerate the spread of the virus. Since such activities can have political, cultural, social and economic benefits, authorities need to take some precautions. These include the importance of distance in the queues to be formed at the entrances, increasing the number of means of transportation, and the distance seating arrangement ”.

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Emphasizing that the events take place in the open air, the guide emphasized that the area to be held should be reorganized. He added that if it is possible, it should be arranged in a virtual environment. The World Health Organization, which wants to pay attention to the social distance during the activities, emphasized that the mouth should be closed and the hands should be washed frequently while coughing.


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