The World Health Organization reported that the news that there is an effective drug against the new Corona virus does not reflect the truth.

The Chinese press reported that Zhejiang University researchers found an effective anti-virus drug, and British Sky News announced that an important turning point in vaccine development was overcome. However, the World Health Organization announced that there is no known effective drug against the virus yet.

The testing phase of drugs and vaccines developed against such new viruses usually takes years.

“The mother may be passing the baby in her womb”

On the other hand, the statement made by Wuhan Children’s Hospital stated that pregnant women think that the virus may be passed on to the baby if they get the new Corona virus.

In a statement made by the hospital, it was stated that a pregnant woman carrying Corona virus tested her baby about 30 hours after birth and the test was positive.

China: “65 others died”

Chinese officials announced that 65 people were killed due to the newer Corona virus, and reported 490 deaths in China mainland due to virus. Most of the deaths were seen in and around Wuhan city, which was the exit point of the epidemic and the entrance and exit were closed as a precaution.

The first deaths outside China occurred in the Philippines and Hong Kong. It is stated that these people have recently visited Wuhan.

More than 20 airlines stopped traveling to China. On the other hand, 3,700 people are not allowed to land on a ship anchored off Japan. These people will not be connected to the coast for two weeks. According to the officials, 10 people on board were exposed to the Corona virus.

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In the photos from the Diamond Princess ship, it is seen that health checks were carried out on the ship.

In Hong Kong, three people on a ship with 3,600 passengers had Corona virus. These people were also quarantined on board.

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Airlines gave its employees three weeks of unpaid leave and reported that the situation was as bad as the 2009 economic crisis.

American Airlines and United Airlines reported that they will stop flights from Hong Kong after this week. This means that all direct flights from the USA to Hong Kong will stop.

In China, where many factories were closed and travel connections to the cities were cut, the stock exchanges lost almost $ 700 billion.

Many car companies, including Hyundai, Tesla, Ford, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Nissan and Honda Motor, continue to close their factories in China.

German sportswear company Adidas has also announced that it will close a significant number of stores in China.

The White House, economic adviser Larry Kudlow, said the outbreak could affect the US’s planned exports to China from this month, with a first-stage trade agreement.


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