A senior team from the World Health Organization (WHO) went to China to investigate the Corona virus outbreak. Having held talks with President Xi Jinping last month about sending an international team, WHO officials have been waiting for the approval of Chinese officials for about two weeks to ensure that this team can travel to China.

Tedo Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO chief, made statements to journalists at a press conference on Monday. Canadian emergency specialist Dr. Tedros said that the team going to China under the leadership of Bruce Aylward will work on the Corona virus outbreak with their colleagues there, and they expect the rest of the team to be included as soon as possible.

  • Tedros said that the total number of team members that he did not elaborate on their identity would be between 10 and 15.

It is stated that the total number of Corona virus cases that have been encountered in at least 28 countries, especially in China, has exceeded 40 thousand 200. The number of deaths due to the virus is over 900.

In some countries such as France and the UK, Tedros pointed out that there were people who caught the virus even though they did not travel to China, and that this was a “spark that could turn into a big fire” and urged countries to take urgent necessary health measures against this possible “big fire”. “This is a message for the whole world,” Tedros said. This is a common enemy that we can overcome only if we act in unity. ”

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