Axiom Space, the world’s first commercial space station project, is taking firm steps towards its goal. The project, for which 130 million dollars was collected, is planned to exist in space in 2024.

Axiom Space, the world’s first commercial space station initiative, designed to bring the idea of ​​low-orbit economy to life, has left behind an important milestone. The venture, which raised $ 130 million under Class B funding, thus proved that it is a project that the investor trusts.
The first goal of NASA’s partnership with Houston-based Axiom Space in order to realize the idea of ​​low-orbit economy will be the addition of space modules developed by private companies to the International Space Station (UUI).

With the program that Axiom Space attaches great importance to, it is stated that private companies can conduct astronaut training, develop new types of drugs, produce human organs with 3D printers, and even film movies and commercials. Among the long-term goals of the company is the idea of ​​creating a new space station by separating the modules added to the ISI over time and merging among themselves.

The company, which is also in talks with actor Tom Cruise, is preparing a game show that Cruise is included. A flight ticket to Axiom’s space station is planned as a reward for one of the contestants participating in the program.

First module in space in 2024
It is stated that the company is preparing to recruit the expert staff, which will enable the rapid production of modules to be added to the ISI, with the revenue of 130 million dollars. In this context, the first of the modules to be added to the ISI is planned to be sent to space in 2024.

In order for private companies to access the opportunities to be offered to them, the purse needs to open its mouth. Because, within the scope of Ax-1 mission, 50 million dollars figures are mentioned for the invoice that will be sent to the private company teams to the ISI.

Within the scope of the project, which is the first step of turning the low orbit into a commercial area, it is said that the income to be obtained by NASA will also constitute a source for the future tasks and projects of the institution.


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