With a major operation in China, the world’s largest distributor of fraud was overthrown.Members of the Chinese fraud distribution operation were caught by the police in Kunshan with the help of Tencent.

The operation, called Chicken Drumstick, is described by the Chinese police as “the biggest in the world”. The reason for this is the amount of money and the number of games involved. The group mostly focuses on cheats for cell phone shooter games. These include a few games from Tencent’s library. Additionally, there are mentions of cheats designed and sold for Valorant and Overwatch.

According to the news of the BBC, it is shared that the cheats earn their members a good amount of around $ 10,000 a day. It is also among the information that the group charges from $ 10 a day to $ 200 a month for the subscription key that provides access to cheats. It is stated that the sales are sold to hundreds of countries and regions.

Police have shut down 17 websites and arrested 10 dealers since the year before the operation. Around $ 46 million in assets, including several luxury cars, have also been confiscated.

Tencent’s role in the raids is not specified. We can also say that those who have been cheating for the last few months have appeared everywhere. Both Activision and Bungie are after cheating services as well.


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