The smartphones that most of us use today have quite large sizes. These dimensions continue to increase with the developing technology. But there is one producer far from this mainstream. The company named “Zanco”, which has been preparing an interesting phone since last year, succeeded in breaking a new ground today. Previously awarded the title of world’s smallest phone, Palm is now leaving the summit to Zanco. Here is the smallest new phone in the world, the Zanco Tiny T2.



The Zanco Tiny T2, which has been prepared for about a year, was officially introduced by the company today and opened for pre-orders. This phone, which is 6cm long and 3cm wide, has the right to be the smallest phone in the world with its 1.65cm thickness. . This device, which weighs only 31 grams, is equipped with a mini body and a color screen with a resolution of 128 x 96 pixels.

This phone, which has 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM, is powered by the MT6276A processor. It also supports up to 32GB of memory. Tiny T2 we see fit for full soldiers; It comes with 2G and 3G network connectivity support. Unfortunately, 4G network support is not included in this phone.

Equipped with a 500 mAh battery in terms of battery, the Tiny T2 promises the user a 7-day use. In addition to this phone, there is a rear camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. However, this may not do your job very well. On the other hand, in Tiny T2; There are MP3 playback, Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio, and a few other important support.

This phone, which Zanco developed carefully, is exactly according to the soldiers, as we mentioned above. It can be with you in your difficult days with its long-lasting battery and MP3 playback feature. At the same time, it is possible to listen to music with a headphone with its 3mm jack input.

The price of the Zanco Tiny T2, the world’s smallest phone, is only $ 130.


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