We are here with the fourteenth of our weekly series recommendations. This week, we will propose a series called The Terror, which combines a real event with fiction.

I think the adaptation of the mysterious events to the TV series or movie attracts everyone’s attention, not just mine. I am interested in all the events that took place in the past, but for which no clear evidence was found and conspiracy theories were produced. I really like the productions made by producing conspiracy theory for these events. We can see every day that conspiracy theories are very popular in our country. That’s why I will recommend this type of production today.

The series we will recommend this week is The Terror. The series is created by David Kajganich, Max Borenstein and Alexander Woo. The first season of the series is inspired by Dan Simmons’ book of the same name. The cast includes names such as Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Paul Ready, Adam Nagaitis, Ian Hart, Nive Nielsen, Richard Sutton and Alistair Petrie.

The first season of the series focuses on the difficult and mysterious story of the British Royal Navy on its way to find the Northwestern Gateway. The team that goes to the expedition is unfortunately stuck because the weather gets colder unexpectedly. While struggling with limited stocks and cold weather, they are left with Eskimo mythology.

First of all, let me state again that the show tells a true story. You can find many details about the event on the internet. The story is true, of course, but not all. Because the missing crew and ships are still not fully found. That’s why there are many breaks in the real story. The series has already combined these unknown parts with its own fiction. You can read the event a little bit and move on to the series that way, the decision is yours.

As for the series itself, it must be said that it is a very good series, except for a few small criticisms. First of all, the acting is great. My criticism is that the style of the drama is constantly changing. The production, which initially started as a seafaring story, turns into a conspiracy-theory series of supernatural events. Then it turns into a survival-themed drama-based series. Don’t get me wrong, the series does all of them well, but a constant change of style can tire you. Of course, it should be noted that the events are a blend of reality and fiction, so you cannot be angry with the progress of the series.

As a result, I recommend the first season of the TV series The Terror to anyone who likes this kind of conspiracy-based productions. It is very enjoyable to investigate the events and watch the series on the one hand. However, I don’t recommend the second season to anyone, it tells a completely different story. It has nothing to do with the first season. You can also find the first season on Amazon Prime Video right now.


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