The number of Coronavirus cases has exceeded 5.5 million worldwide. About 350,000 people have died to date due to the outbreak in Wuhan, China at the end of December.

The Corona virus, which US President Donald Trump accused of hiding the World Health Organization with China, has spread to more than 200 countries and regions.

The disease, which first spread in China, later became effective in Iran, and then in Europe and America. The World Health Organization recently announced that the new outbreak center of the outbreak is Latin American countries.

The outbreak continues to be most influential among Latin American countries in Brazil. According to the latest data in Brazil, 365 thousand 213 people were infected with the Corona virus, while 22 thousand 746 people died. The outbreak is most effective in Peru after Brazil. In the Latin American country, Peru, the number of cases approached 200 thousand. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the Corona virus outbreak and criticized measures in the states.

Worldwide, the virus has been most effective in America to date. In America, where the most cases are seen in the world, 1 million 686 thousand 436 people have been infected with Corona virus, while 99 thousand 300 people have died.

Russia takes the lead in the world after America and Brazil. In Russia, 353 thousand 213 people have been infected by the virus, while 3,633 people have died.

On the other hand, vaccination studies continue throughout the world. Currently, while more than 100 vaccine development studies are ongoing, there is no study that has reached a conclusion yet. The Trump administration recently announced that it would provide 1.2 billion dollars of financial support to the vaccination studies and would order 300 million doses of the vaccine to be produced.

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