Apple, one of the world’s largest technology brands. Will meet its fans with a third Apple Store very soon. Moreover, this store will be the largest in Europe and the Middle East!



Due to the pandemic period we are in, although the stores cannot operate with full efficiency and the tradesmen are in a very difficult situation, Apple is of course not affected by this situation. Because it makes a serious investment in our country. Although the opening date of this store, which has been known for a while, is not yet clear, the countdown seems to have started.

The company published job postings for the new Apple Store, which is expected to open on the Anatolian side. The advertisements given in exactly 17 different positions give us signals that the opening is close.

Among the aforementioned positions, there are people in charge of management such as Store Leader, Market Leader, Genius, Technical Expert, Manager, Operations Expert, as well as Expert and Expert positions. If you think you can work in these positions, don’t forget to visit Apple’s career page.


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