We tell you what the Apple conference on software and hardware WWDC2020 has given of itself.

It’s been a little over a year since Apple did its event dedicated to software developers. Those from Cupertino have also had a tough start to 2020 with the COVID-19 and that is why this year they have to keep their distance and do it from home. With the event already finished we tell you all the news that Apple has presented at this WWDC 2020 to everyone.

A Steve Jobs Center for one

Streaming has started differently from previous years. Advertisements in the Steve Jobs Center have been set aside to take a seat for a direct and concise start: with an amphitheater for one. Tim Cook, the CEO of the firm, has made a presentation reviewing the latest events in the world on a social level. Then the big premieres have arrived.

iOS 14, the new operating system for iPhone

Apple renews its version operating system every 365 days. The firm cannot miss a beat and this year has been no exception and has introduced the new iOS 14 to the world. The operating system has been treated from functionality and efficiency. Thanks to its new App Library it is easier to navigate the phone and with the widgets you hardly need a glance at the screen to know what is happening in your favorite apps.

There is also its new Picture in Picture mode so you do not miss the videos you play while using your mobile or the new function that allows you to use your iPhone as the electronic key of your car, something that you can also share with whoever you want.

iPadOS 14

The company divided the operating system of its mobile devices but kept the numbering. iPadOS 14 shares many of the new features of the mobile system, but has its own improvements. One is the new sidebar for apps like Files, Photos or Notes. Its function is to improve the organization of your files and their distribution. Siri will be more present in a corner. Calls will now have less presence with a new notification. It will also have a new search bar like Google’s that does universal searches on your iPad both in the system and on the Internet.

The Apple Pencil has also had its moment of glory. The signature provides new support for selecting lines of text and moving or editing them. Thanks to the Scribble function, you can write freehand without relying on using the keyboard ever again.

MacOS Big Sur

The operating system par excellence of the bitten apple equipment also brings news. In this WWDC 2020 they have called it macOS Big Sur. Those from Cupertino have been careful to continue with a simple system with new icons. It brings the widgets in its sidebar from iOS 14 and lends great support to Safari. The browser is now safer and easier to use thanks to its transparency in page analysis and new extensions.

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The new processor for Mac arrives

Another of the great novelties of the bitten apple at WWDC 2020 has been its new processor for Mac. Tim Cook has been the one who has presented it to the world under the name of Apple Silicon. The chip arrives to take away the place for Intel products, clearing any doubt of the firm’s work. It promises to be a wonder that is not only able to move with ease to the most demanding games and editing and modeling programs, without neglecting security. It also provides the possibility of using iPhone and iPad apps on the big screen if the developers work on a compatible version.

AirPods Software

AirPods are the perfect complement for Apple lovers who prioritize audio. At WWDC 2020 we have seen that the headphones will have the so-called Automatic Switching, a function that allows you to jump to the paired Apple device that is ringing. Of course, if a call comes in on your iPhone, the phone becomes the priority. For iPad Pro users there will be a new audio experience called Spatial Audio that provides directional audio even if you shake your head with an accelerometer

WatchOS 7

The Apple Watch is the other great gadget of the firm and they have also left their space. WatchOS 7 includes new WatchFaces and the Face Sharing option. This allows you to change the WatchFace of your watch with which it proposes a website or even a contact with the new button. Maps is also very present with the new information for bikes and their navigation. But sport is still the most important thing in the smart watch, where they have now added new dance styles such as HipHop, Bollywood or Cardio among others that it recognizes with your movement. Maintenance gymnastics and cooldown also come after each session.

Other news from Apple

Apple has paid attention to the security of the data it handles and its management. Camera, user tracking on a page, or even App Store apps are key points and they want their customers to feel secure in the information they share with companies. If we focus on the House app we also have news such as adaptive lights, activity areas in cameras and facial recognition in these.

This summer the new Apple TV + system will also arrive, an app that works with many of today’s smart televisions and is intended for all users who do not have a signature device. They have also presented their new Foundation series that will arrive exclusively in 2021.

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