The businessman Elon Musk returned to the Joe Rogan podcast, after his last appearance caused controversy, and ended up taking a doubt that is plaguing the internet: what is the correct pronunciation of the name of his new son, X Æ A-12? In the first minutes of the program, the Tesla commander already comments on the subject and speaks the name of his new heir publicly for the first time.

After congratulating Musk on the birth of his son with singer Grimes, Rogan asks how to speak the child’s name and whether the nickname is temporary. Musk then comments on the origin of each part of the name. The sequence can be seen from the 35 seconds of the video below.

“X is just the letter X”, begins to explain Elon Musk. “And Æ is pronounced like ‘Ash'”, comments the businessman. According to Musk, a good part of his son’s name was conceived by the singer Grimes and his main contribution is the A-12. The acronym refers to Archangel 12, the “coolest plane of all”, according to the businessman.

Law prohibits name chosen by the couple
Musk’s explanation during the podcast is similar to what Grimes said on Twitter recently. The artist, however, went deeper in determining the concepts: according to her, the letter X was chosen because it is the “unknown variable”. In addition, Æ can be used to represent Love and Artificial Intelligence, according to the singer.

According to Grimes, the peculiar name was chosen to give the son freedom to choose his sexual orientation and gender identity in the future. Still, the nickname should not appear on the child’s documents.

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California law, where Musk and Grimes live and the child was born, prevents people from being registered with names including ideograms, symbols or numbers. Therefore, possibly the parents had to choose a “nickname” when making the X Æ A-12 documentation.


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