The Xbox division, which increased by 86 percent in hardware sales, made the roof section exceed expectations with $ 15.5 billion. Consequently, general revenues also grew above expectations.

Despite the difficult pandemic conditions, Microsoft, which launched its new generation consoles at the promised time, managed to earn high revenues from hardware and software sales. The fourth quarter was very bright in this respect.

Exceeded expectations
According to the fourth quarter reports announced last year, Microsoft’s revenue was $ 43 billion and exceeded the estimates $ 3 billion. Operating profit also increased by 33 percent to $ 15.5 billion.

It was the Xbox ecosystem sales that made Microsoft’s face laugh. Xbox hardware sales increased 86 percent during this period, while content sales increased 40 percent. The PC division grew 14 percent with a total revenue of $ 15.1 billion.

As the pandemic process imprisoned people at home, it increased the interest in computer and console sales. It seems that the intense interest will continue until the expected normalization in 2021.

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