Grand Theft Auto V, MLB The Show 21, NHL 21 and more are coming for the Xbox Game Pass library in the first half of April 2021.

Microsoft has announced new games that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass platform in April 2021. Among the games to be added this month, names such as Grand Theft Auto V, MLB The Show 21, NHL 21, Zombie Army 4: Dead War stand out.

New Xbox Game Pass Games
Grand Theft Auto V (Cloud and console) – April 8
Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Cloud, console and PC) – April 8
Disneyland Adventures (The Cloud) – April 8
Rush: A Disney / Pixar Adventure (The Cloud) – April 8
NHL 21 (Console) EA Play – April 12
Rain on Your Parade (Cloud, console and PC) – April 15
Pathway (PC) – April 15
MLB The Show 21 (Cloud and console) – April 20
Some games, as always, leave the platform, while most of them belong to the EA catalog.

Games Released from Xbox Game Pass
April 15

Deliver Us the Moon (Console and PC)
Gato Roboto (Console and PC)
Wargroove (Console and PC)
April 16 (EA Play)

Madden 15 (Console)
Madden 16 (Console)
Madden 17 (Console)
Madden 18 (Console)
Madden 25 (Console)
NHL 18 (Console)
NHL 19 (Console)
Microsoft has also recently enabled cloud play for a number of classic Xbox and Xbox 360 games from its Xbox Backward Compatibility program. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now play the first game groups, including Banjo-Kazooie, Fable II, Fallout: New Vegas, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Viva PiƱata, and more, on Android phones and tablets.

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In the middle of the month, Microsoft will announce new games for Xbox Game Pass.


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