PlayStation 5 News: If it works, you have to try it


Last November, we saw the arrival of the next generation consoles, the Xbox Series X / S and the PlayStation 5. Both have their own specifications that can be very attractive to gamers. However, only Sony’s system comes with a control with haptic technology, which is called DualSense.

With the new titles that make use of this new technology, which allows the user to “feel” in their hands the actions they perform within the game, many have applauded the power of DualSense. Even Xbox CEO Phil Spencer himself has given his positive comments on the latest Sony controller.

A DualSense for Xbox

During an interview on the podcast, Kinda Funny Gamecast, the Xbox CEO mentioned Sony’s great job with their new DualSense, saying, ‘I think Sony has done a good job with their controller and we see that and think there is some things we should go and do. ‘ Later, he added that “maybe we will make some changes to the Xbox controller.”

These statements could indicate that future Xbox controller models will also feature the haptic technology adopted by the DualSense. It will be a matter of time to know when we can be seeing these new iterations arrive. Let’s hope they reach us during the current generation of consoles and not for the Xbox Series X2 or something like that.

When asked about other hardware advancements he could share. Phil said they don’t have anything specific planned at the moment: ‘We look at what’s going on in Windows and elsewhere to see if there is a unique opportunity for us. At the moment I don’t think there is anything that is obvious enough to me. ‘

Perhaps the closest thing we will see in terms of Xbox hardware is its version of DualSense, which will surely take time to arrive. At least we know that they are keeping busy with all the exclusives they have in store for us this year. Maybe in the future we can play the new Halo: Infinite with the power of the stinger in our hands. Wouldn’t they like it?


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