Xbox News: On its Twitter account, Microsoft’s Xbox division shared a message about the ‘console war’ that must be left behind


Although we are already in a new generation of consoles, with the Xbox Series X | S and the PlayStation 5, there are things that never change. One of them has to do with the ‘console war’.

Although Sony and Microsoft do not seem to follow this idea, the same cannot be said for the fans of each brand. That is something that seems like it will never go away, and will continue to make noise as the years go by. It is tiring to listen to each side.

Xbox calls for sanity

The fact is that the official Xbox Twitter account decided to speak out loud and clear about this problem.

That’s why he shared a message, which begins with ‘to the people in our responses who say’ PS5 is better ‘: the best console is the one you enjoy playing. Let’s have fun!’.

Just like that, without trying to promote the brand or anything like that. The fact is that this call echoed in the people. More than 187 thousand marked it as a favorite.

It also had more than 23 thousand RTs and almost four thousand messages cited. There were several members of the industry who applauded this call. Among them was Cory Barlog, creative director of SCE Santa Monica Studio.

He put on a classic GIF of support with applause, and immediately, the Xbox account thanked him for endorsing his comment. Ultimately, nobody wins anything in a war, and that is why it is better to put it aside.

Many supported the message on Twitter

The Xbox and PlayStation divisions seem to have very good relations. Ultimately, they compete with each other, but in business and nothing else. At no time have they been seen to do less than their rival.

Better they prefer to work and offer the highest quality products to consumers, which should be. A silly war of declarations does not help anyone. But there are players who even “put on their bags” and defend them almost to the death.

A comment here and there is not bad. The problem is when they reach an insufferable level of toxicity. You can imagine that the administrator of the Xbox Twitter account has to put up with comments related to the PS5 over and over again.

To such a degree that he completely loses consciousness, as if the one who wrote the message is a mindless bot. Good thing the industry has long since put that thinking aside.


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