The Xbox Series X and S controller allows you to switch between other devices using the Connect button. So you don’t waste time during reconnection.

We can say that the controllers as well as the consoles themselves have improved over the years. Controllers, which were unique to the console for a period, gained wireless freedom and became compatible with other devices. Controllers that offer a certain level of emotion on other devices now also support smooth transition.

Xbox Series X and S controller
A useful feature that is not included in the user manuals of the Xbox Series X and S consoles was revealed by a Microsoft employee. The controller can easily switch between mobile and desktop devices.

As is known, the Xbox Series controller can adapt to previous generations, Android devices and Windows computers. It can switch between the devices it is paired with according to the share with a single button.

If you hold down the Connect button on the front of the controller, you can switch from the Xbox console to the previous device it was connected to. In the meantime, the Xbox icon blinks for 2-3 seconds. If you press the button twice in a row, this time it will return to your Xbox profile. Meanwhile, the Xbox icon blinks once.

It is possible to say that console controllers work very well especially for games like Fornite that you play on console, desktop and mobile. Thanks to the fast switching, you will now be able to switch devices instantly.


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