The North American company confirms that it will not be a prerecorded event, so we will see news about the new generation in rigorous direct.

The new generation of consoles is being unveiled little by little, in small doses, with its own events broadcast through streaming. After Microsoft announced that it would present its news monthly, Sony responded by showing the first PlayStation 5 titles. Now, those from Redmond are preparing a presentation that will take place live. At least that has ensured the official Xbox account on Twitter. “That’s the plan!”, They have commented in response to a follower’s tweet. “We hope you will join the event on video that we will do live.”

After a first approach to third party games, among which were news for Xbox Series X or great video games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the technology giant will focus the July event on products developed by its own studies. One of the most anticipated is without a doubt Halo Infinite, a new installment that comes years after the fifth installment.

This is Microsoft’s strategy

As part of the Xbox ecosystem, all games coming out in the coming months will also be released on Xbox One. The new 343 Industries will not be an exception, so it will have a version for the current and the new generation. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has opted for a sweet transition, while reinforcing its strategy of bringing all its software together under one umbrella.

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In that sense, Xbox Game Pass will be a crucial part of Microsoft’s strategy in the short, medium and long term. The subscription service allows the player to access a catalog of more than 100 video games. However, the most attractive thing about it is that all first party video games are available on the platform from the same day 1. This means that Halo Infinite, which will go on sale at the end of the year, can be enjoyed from launch with all its content intact.


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