Companies like SEGA or Codesmasters have already presented the first images of the covers of the video games that will appear on the new Microsoft machine.

One of the best-kept secrets of new consoles is what their covers will look like. The mystery is beginning to be solved, at least on Xbox Series X. During the Inside Xbox, several third party companies showed their future projects for the new Redmond machine. Just a few hours later, the first covers have come to light. The design, of course, maintains the characteristic green color of the Xbox division.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, until now exclusive to PlayStation 4 on console, will also be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. In the case of the new generation of Microsoft, it will use Smart Delivery to optimize the product. This is one of the covers that have been seen (below). As you can see, the name Xbox simply appears at the top, something that fits with the company’s philosophy, which sees Series X as one more model within the ecosystem. Just below, the compatible consoles are indicated, and to the right, the seal that guarantees the optimization of the game is shown.

DiRT 5, a different cover
That the DiRT 5 cover is different indicates its provisional nature. In this case, the Xbox One logo appears at the top, while below, in small, you can read that it is improved on Xbox Series X. These images therefore serve to get an idea, but as usually happens in these cases, it will be necessary to wait until Microsoft establishes the final design.

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The North American company prepares for a few months laden with information. The recent Inside Xbox has been the first step, a destination event to present the console’s first third party projects. However, Xbox 20/20 will be the format used monthly to provide gamers with all the information about the new generation. At the moment, Sony has not revealed how it will present PlayStation 5.

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