The developers of the new Xbox family console want to reduce the size of installs and downloads of video games.

Those responsible for the development of Xbox Series X continue to share information about its characteristics, this time, focusing on the size of the installations and downloads of their video games. So much so, that Jason Ronald, director of development of the new Microsoft console, has ensured that reducing the weight of games on Xbox Series X is one of his priorities.

Save time and storage space
And it is that there are many advantages as a result of having a reduced weight of video games, both in the waiting time for their downloads and in the storage capacity of the console, even for installations from disk.

So much so, that Ronald assures that “it is something that we deal very closely with all the software companies in the industry, as well as with developers, and we offer them a whole range of tools that help them reduce the size of games. , not only to minimize the amount of content to download, but also the size in general on the disc itself ”, in a recent interview with Eurogamer.

Also, smaller sizes should not be a hindrance to developers when creating their games; According to Ronald, it is a very important aspect and in which they work decisively: “What we don’t want is to limit the incredible worlds and universes that developers create. We only offer them the tools so they can make the necessary adjustments, “concludes the developer.

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And it is that today we echoed other statements by the same Microsoft developer in relation to the performance of Xbox Series X against gross power or teraflops, with the aim of achieving a great balance that does not cause bottlenecks when playing video games.

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