The FPS Boost feature, which was announced and started to be used last week, will not work in every game, according to Xbox director Jason Ronald.

With the release of new generation consoles, we expect performance above a certain standard in terms of performance in new games. We can say that we will get this performance with the games released in the future. However, Xbox announced a new system last week so that older games that work with backward compatibility can also give a good performance: FPS Boost.

Jason Ronald, one of the directors of Xbox, attended a podcast the other day and talked about the future of this system there. He said that the FPS Boost feature will not be available in every game, unfortunately. Ronadl said that when they tested this feature in some games, they discovered that animations run twice as fast. Unfortunately, this system will not work in every game as they want to stay true to the original of the game.

This system, called FPS Boost, can double and sometimes quadruple the FPS in Xbox’s backward-compatible games. The games that FPS Boost is currently running are as follows, but in the future, more games will come.

Far Cry 4
New Super Lucky’s Tale
Sniper Elite 4
Watch Dogs 2


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