Xbox News: Cloud-based gaming service Xbox xCloud has managed to circumvent Apple’s policy. You can now play xCloud via Safari.


Apple has been on the agenda recently with its policies that prevent the development of technology. Apple, which blocked the way of streaming-based game services in order not to create a rival to the Apple Arcade service, which is especially full of indie games, failed despite all the obstacles. Xbox xCloud, the cloud-based gaming service of Xbox, managed to overcome this meaningless policy implemented by Apple.

Xbox xCloud breaks Apple barrier! Now let Tim Cook think!

After a long time of trial and testing, Microsoft has finally made it available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 22 countries via browser on Windows 10 PCs and Apple-signed iPhone and iPad. However, Microsoft also announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be powered by dedicated Xbox Series X hardware.

Although xCloud’s Android app implementation has been around for a while, Microsoft has been working on a browser client for a while. Because the reason for the browser client was that the service can work on a wide variety. In this way, it has become possible to use xCloud on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Microsoft is upgrading its servers to dedicated Xbox Series X hardware. In this way, you can play games over the cloud system at 1080P resolution, 60 FPS speed and high graphics settings.

To access this service, which is not currently available in Turkey, simply open Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Safari on your PC, Mac or mobile device and log in to the Xbox Cloud game website, sign in and select any game from the Xbox Game Pass library. .

In order to use this service fluently, you need to have a 5GHz supported Wi-Fi modem and an internet with a minimum upload speed of 10 Mbps.


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