Smartphone makers Xiaomi and Oppo have started working on their own chipsets to reduce foreign dependency and reduce costs and protect against US bans.

A report by DigiTimes citing sources in the internal studies of the respective companies revealed that Chinese technology giants Xiaomi and Oppo, as well as chip maker Unisoc, will be producing their own 5G chipsets going forward.

They don’t want to share the same fate with Huawei
After the US ban, global smartphone shipments dropped by more than 40%, Huawei sets an example for other Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Xiaomi and Oppo, who do not want to be caught between the US-China trade war like Huawei, want to take action early.

According to Digitimes, the two Chinese tech giants will introduce their own 5G chips later this year or early 2022. Chipmaker Unisoc will join them in developing custom chipsets. In addition to the commercial wars between the US and China over designing and manufacturing their own chips, companies are also aiming to minimize foreign dependency.

It seems that the number of smartphone manufacturers that use their chips on devices such as Apple and Samsung will increase. Alongside Xiaomi and Oppo, Google is developing its own chipset for future Pixel phones, codenamed ‘Whitechapel’.


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