Reaching the masses, Xiaomi offers its users both cheap and high-end performance. The Chinese giant, who continues to make very successful sales, has been the subject of our news with striking details today. Xiaomi has declared war against Google products. But why?



There are dozens of different application stores and a highly developed technology infrastructure in China. People living in China can easily access an alternative for every application, every feature, and every phone model. As such, it is perfectly normal for a company to ban the products or services of another company. However, the news coming today has the features that will make it move.

Recently, Xiaomi presented its newest MIUI update, MIUI 12.5, to millions of users. With this update, the Chinese giant, who almost waged war on Google, confirmed that with MIUI 12.5, Google services cannot be installed on phones and almost put an embargo.

While users were complaining about the issue in various forums one by one, the information came that Google services were banned throughout China. While Xiaomi does not share which phones will be affected by this situation, it has now confirmed that Redmi K30 Ultra and Redmi 10X 5G users will no longer be able to install Google applications. Let’s not forget, several Chinese manufacturers, including Xiaomi, are currently at war with the US.

At this point, let’s state this. This situation is only valid for China. Xiaomi phones sold in our country already come with Google applications and GMS services. Since Google is banned in China, Chinese phones did not come with Google services installed, but they could be installed on phones. This is exactly the situation that is prevented.


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