Xiaomi, which will introduce a new phone series on March 29, has also started to focus on the car side. The company has recruited new staff.


The Xiaomi brand, which will bring the Mi series to users on Monday, is currently working day and night without stopping. The company, which continues to reach millions of people around the world, is also in a very popular position in our country. The company, which left behind 200 million sales figures with the Redmi series, was on the agenda with electric vehicles in the past months. Xiaomi Car, which first appeared with leaks, was confirmed shortly after. While the highly anticipated vehicles were expected to be on the roads at the end of the year, new developments took place today.

As you may remember, we talked about Xiaomi working on vehicle models in the past months and mentioned that we will be a close follower of the issue. While the vehicle model or models were expected to take their place in the market at the end of the year, a new development has emerged today. It was stated that the information we obtained from foreign sources also accelerated the vehicle business of the company and recruited many vehicle software engineers.


Vehicle Software Engineers Hired To The Company For Xiaomi Car

According to the information we obtained with the leaks made in foreign sources, some sources close to Xiaomi stated that the vehicle project of the company was quite real and determined. While the sources state that many vehicle software engineers are hired for the vehicle models that the company will launch in the near future, it is stated that the company has also recruited new personnel. According to some sources, the company’s partners reported that they refused to produce vehicles. While it is not known how true or how wrong the developments are, it seems that everything will become clear towards the end of the year.


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