Lei Jun, CEO of Chinese technology maker Xiaomi, has officially announced that the new flagship model will arrive without a charger adapter.


Apple, along with the iPhone 12 family, found itself on the target of criticism arrows by removing the charging adapter from the box contents. Only then did we say. If Apple made such a decision, it was because other companies, especially Samsung, would go this way. Indeed, it happened as we said. The companies that shouted to Apple started to lick what they spit now. Samsung was expected to take action with the Galaxy S21 on the charging adapter and not include it in the box. Today, news came from the Xiaomi front.

As you know, the Xiaomi Mi 11 family, which will come with the Snapdragon 888 chipset, will be introduced in the coming days. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun made the statement that shocked everyone on Weibo, known today as China’s Twitter. Yes! The charging adapter will not come out of the box content of the Mi 11 family. So it became definite.

Apple has bored the lie that we protect nature when it removed the charging adapter to make more profit. No such ridiculous statement has yet come from Samsung and Xiaomi. It is very sad that companies, which will make 30-40 dollars per phone by reducing the contents of the box, make such cheap moves.


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