Although Xiaomi is quite innovative in MIUI updates, it is obvious that it has a lot of problems. That’s why the company collects suggestions from users!


Xiaomi users must not be able to find more patience, especially in the global market. Because last week, they gathered signatures, urging the company to change its stance towards the development of the global version of MIUI. The discomfort of users now seems to have come to the end. Users who are tired of the problems they experience with Xiaomi devices now think that a solution should be found. Xiaomi MIUI problems are not limited to just a few. Every day more and more complaints emerge. As a solution to this, Xiaomi has now decided to collect suggestions from its users. Here are the details…

Xiaomi Receives Suggestions to Improve MIUI Updates

Xiaomi actually acknowledges the problems brought by MIUI updates. However, it takes a long time to resolve these issues. All the company wants is for users to be a little more patient. However, it was also promised by Xiaomi that all of the feedback given to the company would be evaluated. One of the forums was also asked what users expect to see in the MIUI global version. In addition, users were asked which error or problem the company should fix first.

If you want to express your opinion, unfortunately, the company closed the survey. The survey remained open for 2 days and we think we received a sufficient amount of feedback in the process. According to estimates, the number of users participating in the survey is more than 50 thousand. So the company should start now to read this feedback and come to a decision. We hope Xiaomi users see the light of day early!


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