A new news has been published about the products to be introduced by the Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi in the near future. According to the published news, Xiaomi may introduce the first OLED television in a short time.

Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi has an important place in consumer electronics especially with the smartphones it has developed. However, Xiaomi does not only produce smartphones. To date, the company has developed many products, from wireless headsets to smart vacuum cleaners.

It is stated that Xiaomi, which has a wide range of products, continues to work to make its product range even wider. A recent rumor says that the Chinese company will now introduce OLED TV and several new products.

Xiaomi’s first OLED television will come with the company’s first home theater system
A source providing reliable information about Xiaomi has released a report on the new products Xiaomi will announce. According to the report, 65 inch TV will be the first OLED television of Xiaomi, the most remarkable among the new products expected to be announced by Xiaomi on different dates. Xiaomi, which has achieved significant success with the televisions it has produced before, can continue this success with the first OLED television.

Allegations state that the Chinese manufacturer will also announce a 32-inch smart TV. In addition to smart television, Redmi’s first sound system and a Redmi laptop with a 14-inch screen size may also be offered to consumers in the coming period.

The source also talks about the Redmi K30i and claims that the Redmi K30i, which will be the affordable brother of the Redmi K30 5G, will come with the MediaTek Dimensity 800 chipset. According to the claim, Xiaomi will announce all these products that it will add to its product range on different dates. It is not yet clear which product will be introduced in the first place.


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