A new patent registered by Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has revealed one of the design possibilities that will be adopted by the company in future phones. The document suggests a visual possibility for smartphones that bring the front camera under the screen, that is, discreetly and without any type of notch or hole in the display.

According to the Let’s Go Digital website, the patent shows a sensor that can be positioned in the center or on the upper left side of the panel. When the selfie camera is activated, the surrounding area becomes transparent, allowing the lens to capture what the user wants. When you turn off the feature, the space is once again dedicated entirely to the content.

The patent design also shows a cell phone with no curves on the screen and with thin edges, in the style of the Xiaomi Mi 9. In addition, the model in question has a call receiver on the top and three rear cameras – a standard probably adopted only in this record and that it will not be obligatorily followed.

It is worth remembering that the registration of patents by companies does not necessarily mean that they will be used: Xiaomi can only reserve the technology so that other manufacturers do not adopt it.

Both the Chinese brand and rival Oppo and even Nokia are researching this possibility of placing front cameras under the screen – and the company itself has had some patents in this area since last year, even researching the possibility of placing two cameras instead of only one.

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For now, there is no forecast of commercial launch for a smartphone from Xiaomi or other companies with this technology.


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