Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro News: Recently, information about the wireless headset Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro has been introduced. What does Xiaomi’s new headset offer?


TWS earbuds have been in high demand over the past few years, and Xiaomi is looking to get more of the market by unveiling the first model of its new Flipbuds line in China. Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro, the first model of the series, targets the Premium segment in this area with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and a design similar to Airpods Pro.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Features and Price

It is undeniable that FlipBuds Pro is inspired by Apple AirPods Pro at the design point. Typical short body design with curved body looks like Apple headphones. What makes FlipBuds Pro different is its completely glossy black body. As far as we understand from the images shared, the headset is currently only available in black with a nano NCVM coating. But there will also be new colors.

Xiaomi’s new ANC headset has Qualcomm’s QCC5151 ultra-low power audio chip as well as 11mm ultra-dynamic sound drivers. It supports Bluetooth 5.2 and Xiaomi reports that audio delays are not experienced with this headset, especially in games.

The touchpad movements of the headset are also similar to Apple’s AirPods Pro. Long pressing the left or right earbuds will switch between transparency and noise canceling modes. One touch; it will start and pause songs, or accept calls. Pressing twice will either skip to the next song or dismiss calls.

The new FlipBuds Pro also features “Dual Device Smart Link” that can switch seamlessly between your smartphone and laptop. You can even connect one of the headphones to the phone and the other to the laptop if you wish.

As for the noise canceling performance; FlipBuds Pro can formally block noise up to 40dB at the strongest ANC setting. For optimum noise cancellation performance, you can choose from three ANC levels, such as daily, office and travel, depending on your environment. You will be able to perform these settings through the MIUI drop-down settings menu (on Xiaomi phones) or via the XiaoAI app on other Android smartphones.

FlipBuds Pro comes in an oval charging case that you can charge via USB-C port or wireless charger. The company promises a total of 28 hours of battery life with the case and up to 7 hours of gaming on a single charge. The earbuds support fast charging, so you can get up to 2 hours of use with just 5 minutes of charging the case.

Let’s get to the wondered price of FlipBuds Pro. As of May 21, the price of the headset, which will be sold in China for the first time, was announced as 799 yuan / $ 124. Compared to the Apple AirPods Pro, Xiaomi’s new headset is sold for almost half the price.


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